make your own soundmaker 

Emporia Celebrates the Flint Hills will sponsor the 2nd episode of Secondhand Sounds in 2017. This community-wide project encourages people of all ages to make musical instruments out of found objects and recycled materials.  The instruments are exhibited in downtown Emporia the first two weeks of June so that anyone and everyone can play them.

Following are the guidelines for making your own “soundmaker”.  Guidelines and entry forms are available in the Emporia Convention & Visitors Bureau at the Trusler Business Center, 719 Commercial. Entries are due April 14, 2017. 

A Project of

The 2017 Secondhand Sounds project will culminate in a downtown Emporia exhibit of “soundmakers” made from found objects or secondhand materials and capable of being played by people of all ages.  This is an Emporia/Flint Hills project; participants must be residents or students in Lyon County.



1. The “soundmakers” will be made from found objects/secondhand materials.
2. The “soundmaker” will be secured to a platform that cannot easily be tipped over.  The “soundmaker” including its platform will be no bigger than 4’x6’ at its base. “Soundmakers” will be anchored in place by ECFH.
3. Any separate items (such as hammers, mallets, sticks) used to play  the “soundmaker” must also be securely attached to the “soundmaker” or platform. 
4. Because the exhibit will be outdoors 24/7 for two weeks, each entire “soundmaker” must be weather-resistant.
5. The designer/builder will submit a design including the platform, with  description and dimensions,  by April 14, 2017. 
6. “Soundmaker” may be made by an individual or a group.  The maker(s) must be identified on the form accompanying the submitted design.
7. Designer/builder(s) will deliver finished “soundmaker” to an assigned site on June 1, 2017 (site and timing to be determined)
8. Wheels should not be attached but “soundmakers” may be moved with dollies.

Additional Information:

The maker(s) of each accepted design will be eligible for a reimbursement of up to $25 for materials (receipts must be submitted) after the finished “soundmaker” is delivered.

The finished pieces will be exhibited on Commercial St sidewalks June 1-12, 2017.

Designer/builder(s) of each piece will be acknowledged with a sign.

ECFH will provide insurance for this project.

After the exhibition (June 13) the pieces will be collected by Emporia Celebrates the Flint Hills and stored. This group of “soundmakers” will be available to the public for exhibits, demonstrations, classroom use, etc.  All pieces become the property of Emporia Celebrates the Flint Hills.


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